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Atayde unveils 'smart' x-ray machine for QC

Arjo Atayde
February 9, 2022
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Filipino actor Arjo Atayde, who is currently running as Congressman of the First District of Quezon City, recently launched and introduced the latest “AI Smart Scan X-ray” machine in the Barangay Hall of Barangay Santa Teresita in Quezon City’s District 1.

The AI Smart Scan X-ray is a top-of-the-line diagnostic machine that is the very first technology made in partnership between India, Japan, and The Philippines. This “AI” or artificial intelligence x-ray can determine illness not just in the lungs but in other organs of the body as well.

It is capable of detecting 25 chest pathologies including pneumonia, tuberculosis, and cancer. The machine could also determine if certain illnesses are building up in different parts of the body and it could also detect diabetes and even COVID-19—all in one session while producing accurate results in merely two minutes.

“The AI Smart Scan X-ray could save thousands of lives as it is scientifically proven to help people not only in the detection of their illnesses but also in the prevention and early detection of so many potentially debilitating health conditions,” Atayde said.

“This is the latest in medical technology and now, everyone in the First District of Quezon City will have access to this amazing machine absolutely for free as it will make the rounds in all of the barangays in starting February 10 and the rounds will last for 45 days so that
everyone could avail of the wonders of this diagnostic machine. The machine works fast and produces results in 2 minutes and a team of medical experts will be on board to assist everyone and a doctor will be present to read results.”

Present with Atayde during the launch of the AI Smart Scan X-ray were TJ Calalay, Joseph Juico, Bernard Herrera, and Charm Ferrer, who are all running as Councilors in Quezon City’s First District, as well as the barangay officials of Area 6 of QC’s District 1.